Our new theory on effective social policies will be published with Routledge end of this year: Tomas Sirovatka & Henk Spies (eds), Effective Policies for Unemployed Young People in Europe: Social Innovation or Paradigm Shift? (forthcoming)

+Confidence helps to develop a government that involves people in partnerships and creates opportunities together with the people whom it concerns. We are always focused on individuals, possibilities, co-operation, effectiveness and sustainable results. And also on trust. We combine extensive experience in policy, management, research and methods, both in the Netherlands and internationally. Together we explore the potential for development and find a natural path to greater effectiveness and increased customer satisfaction.

Rechter content [smal]: 

from pampering to encouraging involvement
from knowlegde to practical applications
from doing things by the book to more creativity
from silo approaches to integrated services
from problems to solutions
from control to independence
from discipline to taking responsibility
from output to outcome
from dividing means to empowering people